Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quilt Patterns Relating to Gardening

It's amazing how the theme of gardening is carried into art, whether it's painting, collage, mixed media, or quilting. As I was browsing through my quilt books, I noticed a number of patterns named for topics related to gardening...whether vegetables or flowers.

Flowers in a Pot
Forbidden Fruit
Hawaiian Grape Vine
Kansas Sunflower
Melon Patch
Rose Petal
Basket of Oranges
Basket of Tulips
English Poppy

Do you have any favorite fruit or vegetable quilt patterns, or others related to gardening?


Cyndi L said...

I just finished a little floral quilt that I decorated with nothing but beads! 'Tis the season, for sure :-)

Mary Emma Allen said...

Thanks, Cyndi, for stopping by and sharing with us your little quilt. I've been intigued by quilts adorned with beads and/or buttons and keep telling myself I must do one. I find them fascinating.