Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More About My Trails End Quilting Heritage

You might enjoy learning about my quilting heritage at Tales of the Trails End Quilters blog (http://trailsendquilters.blogspot.com ). My latest post is about Susie, a friend of my grandmother and aunt, who attended my earliest remembered quilting bee. She's part of my quilting memories and heritage.

So I've been delving into the story of her life. You may want to learn how to discover more about the quilters in your early life.

Checking Out Quilt Shows & Events

If you like to attend quilt shows...to learn new techniques, visit with quilters, and simply absorb the spirit of quilting, you may want to check out quilt show listings online. Perhaps you like to plan vacations and trips along the quilt show trail.

Check out the information at my Quilting and Patchwork blog, www.quiltingandpatchwork.com. I was particularly impressed with Alex Anderson's listing of quilting events.